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鈥淏rentwood has developed and managed our websites, one for the hospital and a group site for the practices we own. We also took advantage of Brentwood鈥檚 AdBank and the Hometown Health magazine that is published quarterly. Although we have used the campaigns in AdBank, Brentwood has also allowed me to customize ads, as well as content for the magazine. Not everyone would want to do this, but there were times when I really wanted to put a local spin on things, which called for local copy and photos. Brentwood always accommodated this.鈥?/p>

鈥淚 want to express my thanks to the Brentwood team for all your help. With Brentwood鈥檚 assistance, we have essentially started a new marketing program from the ground up. Your insight in proven marketing campaigns for hospitals like our and media negotiations have been absolutely instrumental in the success and effectiveness of our campaigns. Thank you for everything you have done to help us better position our hospital in the market!鈥?/p>

鈥淵ou guys are really great at what you do! We truly appreciate all of your time and effort! Thank you!鈥?/p>

鈥淚 just want to take a quick moment and tell you how much we appreciate how much help your team has been throughout this process of building and revising all of our rack cards for our providers and departments. I know it鈥檚 been filled with ups and downs and ins and outs, and I just wanted to express to you how much we really do appreciate all of your hard work. You have been so amazing.鈥?/p>

鈥淭he overwhelmingly positive community response our Hometown Health magazine that Brentwood helps us produce has exceeded our expectations. To be able to produce a product that our community members are collecting, reading and talking about is PR 鈥楪OLD.鈥?As a Critical Access Hospital we are always working with limited resources. Brentwood has helped to elevate our marketing materials and improve our professional image.鈥?/p>

鈥淚 would like to thank Brentwood Communications for organizing our patient story (CBM). When I posted the story/ad to Facebook, our page received more views in 1 week than it normally gets in 1 month. Brentwood made the process very easy. All I had to do was identify a patient and review the story with them, then they took it and arranged a photographer and writer and produced digital and print ready pieces. This story has greatly increased our social media presence and I believe has changed people鈥檚 perception about our hospital.鈥?/p>

鈥淥ur new website is amazing, and EVERYONE is loving it! You all have done such a great job and we feel like our style and vision are spot on. Everyone is really happy and appreciative for all the hard work and time you have put into this. We completely trusted what you thought would be best, and you delivered! Words cannot express how thankful we are for all the help and expertise you have shared with us! The design and functionality that the site has is top-notch, and in a small community such as ours, a user-friendly site is exactly what we needed.鈥?/p>

鈥淚 just want to say thank you as a marketing director wearing multiple hats. I enjoy using AdBank to find just the right ad…once you choose the ad and you insert the pictures of our staff and physicians I end up with a great ad with very little effort on my part.鈥?/p> closure vs. lace frontjerry curl half wig

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